The Young Face of Immigration

Whatever your thoughts on immigration (I’m decidedly pro-immigration, anti-border fence, anti-discrimination, pro-driver’s license), there’s one group that is often overlooked in the whole bitter debate. The kids. Those children who are born in another country but who come to the United States are raised to be Americans and may not have a strong connection to the nation of their birth.

Now, if they have not yet become citizens, the rub is that when they turn 18, they’re automatically considered criminals. Yes, criminals, simply because they are now adults without legal citizenship. They encounter extraordinary boundaries when it comes to going on to college, getting a job, or entering any vocational program. Further, because of the nature of current immigration laws, there are very few avenues for them to become citizens if they wish. Not very fair, huh?

My glorious friends Anne and Becky, along with local student JoseLuis Juarez Perez, collectively known as Graham Street Productions, have produced a great short documentary on the issue called 18. They’re in the process of making a full-length film, and I, for one, can’t wait.

Take a look – get more educated — see cute kids. 



3 Responses

  1. thanks for making me cry at my desk, Kristin. Heartbreaking.

  2. kristin, I’m glad to see that people are learning about this issue. my girls are soon to be in the opposite situation, US born children of a US citizen who will soon be moving to Mexico because their daddy can’t get his papers fixed. Of course my husband and I are in a situation of being able to plan the move, have hopes that a 10 year hiatus will fix his immigration issues and will be living near grandparents and a supportive community. My children will be able to come and go across the border and as adults will be able to choose which country to go to college in, where to get married & raise their children. However, at this point in their life they are facing the choice of: live in US in an at-risk situation or move to Mexico where both parents can live legally.

  3. […] become criminals, with few paths to citizenship, to education or to employment. Look here for a documentary short produced by Anne and friends. Prepare to smile, and then […]

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