More voting resources

Michelle sent us some great links from her site,, and we’re delighted to pass them along… has put together some thought starters on getting tweens excited about politics:

And how to raise good citizens (hint, it’s about responsibility):

As committed Political Moms, I also wanted to share’s online resource for key educational issues for this election. Topics include standardized testing & NCLB, school choice, college funding, and universal pre-k:

They’ve broken down each candidate’s viewpoint as well. Here are Hillary Clinton’s views on these issues, as communicated by Catherine Brown, a staffer in Clinton’s policy shop. Also included are Obama’s views and these are McCain’s.

So a huge thanks to Michelle for passing the information along, it feels great to be in conversation with other folks who are encouraging the political process and involving kids and families. And it was great to see her website too! I found a very valuable resource for us on our 1st visit and will be back there very soon.

We’d love to post other information like this, so please drop us a comment if you’ve got links or things you’d like to talk about.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for such a great post on what we’re doing over here! It’s great to find another parent so passionate about the political process 🙂 We parents have to unite and show the candidates how important education is to us!


  2. Hi Shawn, I work at and am so happy you like the site (thanks for linking to us!). We’d love to hear from any of your readers about political content they’d like to see on the site!

    I LOVE your “10 ways to encourage your family…” list. I’m going to post it on our fridge and see how many we can get through! (Not sure we can vote on breakfast and shoe order though…it already takes waaayyyy to long to get our 3 & 5 year olds out of the house in the mornings 😉 )

    Cheers, Kat

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