Getting the word out

So my dad sent me this link the other day, and I got a laugh from it. It’s inspiring for me to see one person going completely over the top to make a difference. And with a little distance, I think, is it really over the top? If I’d really like to change things shouldn’t I try this hard? My dad and I have actually had this conversation a few times. He hasn’t called me for bail money yet, but he’s off at protests all the time, signing petitions, drafting proposals, being engaged, and I’m not. I’m a bit soft around the edges and I’ve skipped the marches in the pouring rain, the kids would get nothing from it, except a cold, I’d be miserable and we wouldn’t hear anything anyone was saying anyway. I’ve been engaged to a point where it’s comfortable, a backseat political observer.

This blog has become a great personal resource, while we’ve looked for things to share our understanding of issues and individuals is growing. We aren’t chaining ourselves to bridges these days, but we’re sharing media and information and we’re creating a conversation, which is a great place to be. Send us your stories, links, videos! Let’s keep the momentum going! Kristen and I would like to profile candidates in Portland elections and women who are movers and shakers in the political landscape, if you’ve got a post, pass it on, I’m needing more heroes these days.


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