Where Do We Go From Here?

Dear Senator Clinton,

How are you? I hope everything is going well for you and that you’re enjoying traveling around with the family. Are you getting enough sleep? It seems like Chelsea is turning well. Is Bill taking care of himself? Boy, I really miss him sometimes.

Yeah, anyway. So, I just have a question for you. Don’t want to seem, you know, snarky or anything, but uh, what are you doing? Seriously. What are you doing?

After some of the most horrendous times in this nation’s history, Democrats have had a critical opportunity to define a unified vision for our collective future. And, uh, it’s not going so well. There are many Democrats who are already exhausted. From the comments on another blog, MOMocrats, asking how folks were feeling post-Pennsylvania, it’s clear that the extended campaign is wearing us out. Here’s a sampling.

“I am EXHAUSTED! And so weary of the incessant bickering.”

“I am tired. In the beginning, I was excited, but now I just wish it were over and we could focus on the real enemy.”

“I’m tired. At this point, I just want to fast forward to the poll in November, open my eyes, see a name next to D and punch it. I’m spent.”

“I’m throwing in the towel. Turning off the set. Getting off the bandwagon. I’m thinking about turning in my Dem card and going Indie.”

Senator Clinton, is this what you really wanted? This extended campaign is kinda getting to us…

 I’m guessing since you are wicked smart, you did pretty well in math. So, let’s look at where we’re at. Delegate count? You’re behind and stand basically no chance at catching up. Congrats on the influx of money after Pennsylvania, but despite that, you are so very outranked when it comes to money.

In terms of the popular vote, even if you count Florida, you are behind. The only way you can win on this score is if we count Michigan, where Obama was not even on the ballot. Remember those silly “rules?” He followed them. Kind of a nice trait in a president, don’t you think?

The only thing you have right now is your electability argument. Despite your claims that you’re the only one who could beat McCain, a poll out today by Rasmussen puts Obama ahead of McCain by two points, while you’re behind by two. That poll was taken yesterday, after your win in Pennsylvania. So much for momentum.

So, again, Senator Clinton, ma’am, what are you doing? Where do we go from here?

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