You go girl!

Raina Telgemier\'s Smile

We admit it, we’re not running a balanced blog, but we don’t want to negate the opinions and feelings of our friends and above all else want to be supportive of an educated and balanced process. My friend Katie is a big Hillary fan (so is my mother, and that’s a whole other blog right there). Katie is seven, bright, articulate and if we’re lucky she’ll be running things when the torch gets passed. Katie’s mom Julie sent me a great note on the subject,

“Katie thinks the “whole world” should vote for Hillary because “she is a girl, she makes really good choices and because ‘I like her’. And there has never been a girl president before.” She is completely pissed at me and my mom for voting for Obama and she thinks my sister is a god for voting for Hillary. I think my sister just voted for her to get the auntie points. We are working on bumper stickers that say: “My daughter says you should vote for the girl.” I have sheltered her from Hillary’s attack ads and there is nothing you can say about Obama to convince her that he is the better candidate. I even told her he has 6 and 9 year old daughters and she said, “Hillary has a daughter.” Hmph.”

I love that my friend Julie is so supportive of Katie’s opinion even if she doesn’t share it. I love that these are topics of conversation at her house. It’s huge to validate our kids opinions especially when they are taking on foreign and complex systems like politics. Katie is out there forming an argument, looking for support material and information to present her position, she’ll walk away from this election better educated because she chose to make an independent statement.

I absolutely agree with Katie, it’s about time we had a woman president, but personally, I like the other guy a bit better and I need my decision to be based on policy not chromosomes. I think it’s also time we had more women film directors, comic writers, lab techs…… For both my son and daughter i look to strong women role models, by example they show not only what a solitary, driven person can do, but also, occasionally, how family fits into this person’s life.

So here are some links, to some great women who’ve I’ve crossed paths with over the last few days… A very awesome friend gave Lucy a coloring book for her birthday “Girls are not Chicks” which is filled with some great images of princesses, faeries and catchy tag lines like, “Violet puts food on the table with tractors not teaspoons”. Over the weekend I met a great female comic artist, Raina Telgemeier at Portland’s Stumptown Comics festival. Raina draws a graphic novel version of the books, The Baby-Sitter’s Club. I also happened to drop into Reading Frenzy today and had a nice long chat with Chloe, the store owner. You’ll be hearing a bit more about Chloe in upcoming blogs, aside from being a snappy dresser and activist/advocate she runs one of the most delightful independent book shops I’ve ever visited. She stocks the shelves with handmade books, limited printings and lots of wonderful, intelligent things for kids, reminding me to: shop local, support artists, invest in literacy and most importantly to support my women friends (even the ones who like Hillary).


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