Happy Cinco de Mayo

Put down the Corona and boot the laptop! Yes, I get my news from the internet and my favorite filter is boingboing the tech/geek/pop blog almighty. Today they linked to a great new online game Iced, where you play a teenager in the US avoiding deportation. It’s chilling, fascinating and pretty darn educational. The game was built by a human rights organization called Breakthrough, with a darn fantastic mission statement…

“Breakthrough is an international human rights organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote values of dignity, equality and justice.

Breakthrough is Building Human Rights Culture

Our organization uses creative tools to teach others about human rights. These rights make up the daily fabric of our lives, of how we tend to live individually and as a community. The rights to life, food, shelter, freedom of expression, freedom from violence, religious freedom – these are all human rights to which we are all entitled. The United Nations has codified many human rights in documents called conventions and treaties, which are ratified by member countries that promise to adhere by their rules. They are described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Guaranteeing these rights for us and for others is what building a human rights culture is all about.”

The game is heavy in many senses, you need a high speed hook up for it to play well, and it’s pretty disturbing, not something for young kids, but then again, when the game is played for real, the young kids are in the mix.


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  1. Hi Kristin

    Great meeting you at the Graham Street Productions event. I notice there is indeed a screen cast here on the post already. Great idea 🙂

    I didnt get your email address but look forward to getting back in touch about the conventions this year.


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