A leisurely primary- lick the stamp, eat the pie

Oregon is so rad, I love the mail in ballot system. It’s great to have a window for decision making, I spend more time reviewing my choices and actually do my homework in a way I never did when I had to go somewhere to cast my vote. It reminds me of the great system of take home tests I had in school, where research is rewarded. My husband and I have a tradition of taking our ballots to our neighborhood coffee shop, the Bipartisan Cafe, getting a latte and fresh pie and marking our ballots together. Inevitably one of us has read up more than the other, usually him, and we have a congenial discussion about who we’re voting for and why. Voting in Oregon closes on Tuesday, and for my friends who haven’t sent in their ballots… I’ve found a very handy spot for some last minute research, Source Watch and Congressapedia, two related wiki sites which have an amazing collection of materials on all the candidates, elected officials, voting records and related articles on individuals. Here’s the Oregon link . Just for fun I was cruising through Earl Blumenaur’s entry and couldn’t pass up the link to his interview on the Colbert Report. It’s pretty darn funny. OK, so that’s my special treat for today, good resources and pie, it’s the American way, right?


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