Election Day, 2008. Let’s Go.

“A Great Epoch has Begun. There Exists a New Spirit.” Le Corbusier, 1923

As an Oregonian, today is a day of tremendous excitement. We will most likely ensure that a man named Barack Hussein Obama becomes the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party of the United States of America. I don’t know when I’ve been so proud of my country or of my state.

In many ways, we have been enduring a nightmare for the past eight years. The Constitution has been shredded, the environment put in peril, and many parts of the world have put in a state of bloody, seemingly never-ending conflict.

Here are the images we must remember on a day like this. These images are why we fight for Barack Obama. 

 This is a picture of a 7 year old girl, Samar Hassan, who is crying seconds after United States troops shot and killed both of her parents after they failed to stop at a camouflaged dusk patrol. The war needs to end, today.

This picture is for anyone thinks that John McCain will be so much better than George W. Bush. Let’s get real.

This image is for those who have lost hope, who do not believe in true change. On Sunday, over 75,000 people turned out in Portland to hear Barack Obama. The revolution starts now.



One Response

  1. Viva Obama!

    Viva la revolucion!


    Oh, sorry…. what you said.


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