Vice Presidential Candidate Number Two: Janet Napolitano

As you may remember, with our profile of Kathleen Sebelius, we’re dedicated to helping kickin’ women leaders move out of the shadow of Hillary Clinton. As Hillary’s campaign implodes in a fiery pile of crap winds down, we are thrilled to shine the light on others who light our way. They are talented national leaders who could perhaps be thought of as, well, lessee, vice presidential candidates, perhaps? Mr. Obama?

Vice Presidential Candidate Number Two is the governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano. First off, how amazing would it be if John McCain’s governor were to be on the opposing national ticket? That would be fun enough right there.

Governor Napolitano has the credentials to make her inclusion far more than simply a prank, though. In 2005, Time Magazine listed her as one of the five best governors in the nation, and the White House Project included her among the “8 in 08” to be considered as viable presidential candidates.

But where does she stand on the issues? First off, with regard to one that all mamas care about – education – she has given historic levels of support to higher education and strongly supports fully paid but voluntary full-day kindergarten. Another mama issue (at least for me) is that she allowed for state funding be used for smoking cessation programs.

As for feminist credentials, long before she was governor, she was Anita Hill’s attorney as Hill stood up to Clarence Thomas. I get chills.

The icing on the cake, however, comes with Governor Napolitano’s embrace of alternative energy. She has said that she wants Arizona to be the “Persian Gulf of Solar Energy” and has committed $4 billion to pay state power companies to produce it. Again with the chills.

And like many smart women I know of, she’s endorsed Barack Obama. Well, yeah!

Now for the reason she came in second to Kathleen Sebelius -she supported the state’s ban on gay marriage. And she wanted to strengthen border patrols to “protect” against immigration. Room for improvement. Mucho grande room for improvement, with extra salsa.

Despite this, her credentials ensure her inclusion as a potential vice presidential candidate. I just feel sorry for all of those Arizonans – what would they do?


2 Responses

  1. Do you think she could help Obama wrap up the votes in intermountain west states, in conjunction with an early Bill Richardson nomination for Sec. State pulling in socially right leaning Latinos?

    That’s who I’m looking for someone that can solidify the rapidly changing demographics in the mountain states that are already bluish purple from the influx of rustbelt “brain drain” that is turning those states increasingly red. I can’t put any hope on Ohio anymore, given repeatedly they vote against their own interests.

    I’m throwing around the idea of Rocky Anderson, SLC Mayor, as someone who might pull some left leaning Mormons [he-he I know that is a stretch that their is more than one:)] but they do have large influence in all the states surrounding Utah.

    I see you’re “pushing” a woman, I’m open to it if they are the best candidate and I look forward to the other confident women you present 🙂

    Oregon based too?

  2. […] Kaine, Democratic governor of Virginia.  I’m bummed that it’s not Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, Claire McCaskill or Shirley Franklin, but I’m sooo glad it’s not Sam […]

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