Vice Presidential Candidate Number Three – Claire McCaskill

As Hillary Clinton exits the race for the presidency, there has never been a more important time to focus on other women around the nation who have proven to be leaders of substance and talent. We’ve turned our spotlight on Kathleen Sebelius and Janet Napolitano, and now, it’s Claire McCaskill’s turn. By giving our attention to these talented public servants, we gleefully remind ourselves that feminism has more to offer than Hillary Clinton. These women may in fact be ready for the next step – Vice President McCaskill anyone?

Claire McCaskill is a Democratic Senator from the state of Missouri, and sheesh, talk about a supermom. She is the mother or stepmother to nine children. Nine. And I thought I was busy/tired/overwhelmed. For seven years, following a divorce and before remarrying, she juggled a career while being a single mother. She was also the first legislator in the Missouri legislature to give birth while in office. So, you know, she gets it.

While we’re on the subject of “firsts,” let’s look at a few others. McCaskill was the first women to serve as prosecutor from Jackson County (which includes Kansas City), Missouri. In this role, she began the county’s first domestic violence court. Then, in 2006, she became the first woman senator from Missouri.

While she represents a somewhat conservative state, she has taken on the Far Right on several significant issues, including stem cell research, gay marriage and abortion. She has also won accolades from environmentalists for her support of clean water, clean air and alternative fuel initiatives. Environmentalists are particularly thrilled, as she replaced one of the League of Conservation Voter’s “Dirty Dozen” politicians, Jim Talent, who consistently voted against environmental initiatives. And like Sebelius and Napolitano, she has been a tireless supporter of Barack Obama. LOVE it.

Now to the reason why she’s our third choice, behind Kathleen Sebelius and Janet Napolitano. By taking her out of the Senate, Democrats may lose their prized majority. Also, like Janet Napolitano, she needs a great deal of work when it comes to immigration and is actually to the right of George W. Bush. She has pushed for stronger “protections” at the border and has argued that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from “hard-working” Missourians. Certainly, nobody’s perfect.

While we do not look at our role models with an uncritical eye, it is nonetheless inspiring to know that politicians like Claire McCaskill are proving that women, and mothers in particular, can reach to the highest heights.


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    Yes People are Ready for Change and the fact that Obama and McCaskill are new on the scene is something a major portion of the People will like when they think about it! Like Bob says it is the Destiny thing!

    I started a Draft Claire for Governor in which we had over 75 team captains statewide in 2003. She instead became a US Senator two years later. Claire McCaskill was a prosecutor in Kansas City, a single mom while serving as state representative for 3 terms and then a State Auditor. Her knowledge of local, state, and Federal levels of governments and how they work is extremely important. There has likely never been a vice presidential candidate which such a record of service.

    She has become known as a center of the road legislator fighting for anti ear mark legislation and an accountability office for expenditures on the war. What she is most noticed for is that she has a pulse of the people that comes naturally and speaks out for the people when something is not in their best interest concerning government or important issues. Yes two inspiring candidates who bring out the best in people on the ticket sound real good.

    Steven L. Reed

  2. As a resident of the Metro East area of St. Louis, I have long advocated that the Democratic Senator from our neighboring state of Missouri would be a good choice for our senator from Illinois to make for his running mate as a Democratic Candidate for Pres.

  3. I wonder what your opinion is of Sarah Palin.

    Regarding Claire McCaskill, it is said that people will like the fact that she is “new on the scene”. It’s a destiny thing. But because Sarah Palin is “new on the scene” she is unqualified.

    Claire McCaskill has 9 children as is considered a supermom and proof that women and mothers in particular can rise to the highest heights. Sarah Palin, who has 5 children, has been criticized for even accepting the nomination because of the doubts that she can be the VP as well as a good mother.

    Why the different set of standards for the conservative women that those for the democrats?

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