This VP speaks in tongues… well, that’s different

I saw this recently on boingboing and couldn’t help but put up a post. Kristin has been so busy filling us in on possible Democratic VP front runners, and I thought, hey- lets show some bipartisan spirit here. And by spirit I guess we’re talking about the kind whose head spins around and walks through walls. Enter Bobby Jindal, his parents named him Piyush but then gave him the nickname of Bobby from the Brady Bunch. His political track record, which landed him as Governor of Louisiana, is fascinating reading, especially considering he is the son of immigrants from Punjabi and he converted from being a Hindu to Catholicism while in high school.

Not only is Jindal the first Indian-American to be elected as Governor in US history (totally cool) but he has another first — according to an article he wrote for the conservative New Oxford Review, he has also performed an exorcism. Hot Damn, there’s something to put on the resume, especially when you’re on the short list for VP nomination. Unfortunately if you want to read the article in it’s entirety you need to fork over a $1.50, and I’m just not in the mood to give my money to a magazine who’s subscription banner reads, “Yes, many hate us. Ah, but they also fear us. That’s why many others love us. If you hunger for the red meat of Catholicism, subscribe!”  I wonder if they take Friday subscriptions or if I should order the fish? Sorry, I was raised Catholic, and couldn’t help but speculate, also I’m a bit confused about the hating the love, loving the hate bit.

But back to Jindal, you can read his account of the experience here as well as a bit of background on him, formerly he attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and graduated from Brown with honors in biology and public policy. His science background is a bit interesting since he is an avid proponent of teaching the oxymornic Intelligent Design in the public school system, he serves on the National Right to Life Committee, has voted to making the Patriot act permanent, and supported a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning and increase oil drilling on the arctic shelf- Hmmm I kind of wish he’d go back to speaking in tongues. On the other hand, for the sheer hilarity of the moment, he’s my dream guy, imagine if you will his first day of work going into Dick Cheney’s office with a smudge stick shouting “I command you Satan, get thee gone”. So perfect.


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