McCain and The Women

A new Rasmussen poll out recently found that 36% of voters could change their minds between now and November. Of that 36%, over half are women.  So, that means that a significant portion of women voters have not yet definitively decided.

Well, can we help? I’m figuring perhaps some of the, as my three year old says, “yucky stuff” about John McCain has not hit the full light of day. Perhaps that’s why some women have yet to decide.

First, let’s look at the recent Supreme Court decision, Ledbetter vs. Goodyear Tire Company.  The Court decided that women had but 180 days to sue their employers if an incident of pay discrimination became evident. Considering that discrimination often becomes evident only as a pattern over time, the decision effectively squelched redress for pay discrimination cases. In her strongly worded dissent, Justice Ginsburg called on Congress to correct the law, which it attempted to do with the Fair Pay Restoration Act. McCain voted against it, saying that business should be able to take care of matters like these themselves. Right.

On to abortion rights. As National Public Radio reported early in February, 2008, “Many Republican voters seem to believe, incorrectly, that …McCain supports abortion rights.” Jeebus. Let’ talk. John McCain has a zero percent voting rating from both Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and has opposed the most innocuous family planning programs. The only “family planning” programs he supports are abstinence only, which, according to reams of research, have failed abysmally. He’s not just on the Right when it comes to women’s health, but the Far Right.

And here’s a real joy – when asked whether he supports public funding for contraception as a means of fighting AIDS in Africa, he said, “Whether I support government funding for them, I don’t know.” Seriously?

Now, McCain also runs as a man of character, so, well, he walked right into this one. Do men of character turn to their wife and say, “I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c***.” Do men of character fail to correct a supporter who asks how “we beat the b****?” I’m thinking that they don’t.

As for Obama – 100 percent voting record for women’s health and abortion rights. Voted for the Fair Pay Restoration Act. Supports public funding for international women’s health programs. Has not, as far as anyone can tell, been personally abhorrent to women (“sweetie” is not the same).

Perhaps all of that will help some poor woman decide. Obama, ok?  



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