Can We Keep the Rainbow? A Big NO to Sam Nunn

Can We Keep the Rainbow?

Barack Obama has been testing my patience these days. From his vote on FISA to the notion that the government should ever limit a woman’s right to an abortion (tip – it’s never up to a bunch of politicians, never), I’ve been a bit frustrated.

One potential decision, however, might just send me scraping the bumper sticker off of my car.

Apparently, on the short list for vice president is the former Democratic senator from Georgia, Sam Nunn. Nunn served admirably in some ways, but in one particular realm, he really, really, really messed up.

Nunn was chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee and chair of the Joint Chiefs when President Clinton took office. Clinton had promised to end the ban on gay men and lesbians in the US military. For progressive folks like me, this was a BIG DEAL. Yet Nunn stood in the way of his own president and blocked implementation of the policy change. In doing so, he guaranteed one of the most asinine policies in our nation’s history, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Now, on gay rights, Obama is not perfect. He opposes gay marriage. He does, however, favor civil unions and has spoken strongly against a proposed amendment to California’s constitution which would outlaw gay marriage. And, he opposes Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 

So, if Obama truly takes this whole, you know, equality thing seriously he should reject Sam Nunn entirely. Please, Senator Obama, I hate scraping bumper stickers. Please don’t make me.


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