Who is Tim Kaine? Wait for the Yikes…

This blog is about more than potential vice presidential candidates but, what can I say? Shawn and I live for this stuff….

Apparently, the top choice right now for Obama’s vice president is Tim Kaine, Democratic governor of Virginia.  I’m bummed that it’s not Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, Claire McCaskill or Shirley Franklin, but I’m sooo glad it’s not Sam Nunn.

Who is this guy, this Tim Kaine, anyway?

Tim Kaine is the son of an ironworker from Missouri who, after attending law school, worked for fair housing so diligently that some of the cases that he argued are still on the books as important precedents. He then went on to serve as the mayor of Richmond (love the city, myself).

He served as Lieutenant Governor to the very popular Mark Warner and took over the governor’s office in 2005. Since being elected, he’s advocated for some awesome ideas – increasing funding for pre-kindergarten and teacher salaries, more funding for public transit and has expanded environmental programs, particularly to clean up the Chesapeake.

He hasn’t been governor very long, and doesn’t allay worries of an unexperienced ticket. But while he’s been in office, he’s gotten high praise for his skillful handing the Virgina Tech massacre, he’s been noted as an exciting orator and a tireless campaigner, and he has worked with Virginia’s Republican-majority legislator so well that he frequently succeeded in advancing his agenda. So far, so good.

Kaine is also a devout Catholic and because of his faith, he is opposed to the death penalty and is a strong advocate for gun control. He is also married to a former Republican, which may play well with some on-the-fence folks.

But this isn’t good. He has advocated for abstinence-only programs and although he’s against adding an anti-gay measure to the state constitution, he is strongly opposed to gay marriage.

Now for the major, major YIKES! He is opposed to abortion and is a member of Democrats for Life. He is strongly in favor of the so-called partial birth abortion ban.

Would we be comfortable with an anti-abortion leader being one heartbeat away from a Supreme Court appointment? Also, choosing an anti-abortion candidate would most likely be seen by Clinton supporters, and feminists in general, as a significant slap in the face.

Again, yikes!


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