More To Love About Biden – Advocacy for Women

Now that the dust is beginning to settle and more is being learned about Biden, the happier this mama is getting. His stance on violence against women is getting far more coverage and boy, is it great.

In 1994, Joe Biden wrote  (yes, wrote) the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and called it the most significant piece of legislation that he’s written in his entire Senate career. VAWA has provided billions of dollars to prevent, investigate and prosecute violence against women. It has been a tremendously effective piece of legislation, with acts of violence dropping in many states up to 50%.

Biden has since amended the legislation to prevent human trafficking and to provide resources for children who have witnessed domestic violence. He also successfully pushed for the creation of the federal Office on Violence Against Women.

In 2007, Biden introduced the International Violence Against Women Act with Senator Richard Lugar that would incorporate anti-violence efforts into federal foreign assistance programs. This legislation sought to fight genital mutilation, so-called “honor” killings, revenge rapes, and child or forced marriage, among other atrocities. It also created an advocacy program to work with foreign governments to put on their books anti-violence laws – remarkably, 102 countries have no such laws.

Biden has gotten tremendous praise from not only feminist groups in the United States, but also international human rights groups like Amnesty International and the International Rescue Committee.

Great choice, Senator Obama! Full steam ahead to November!!


3 Responses

  1. Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

  2. I’ve never forgotten Biden’s work on the violence against women acts. I am happy to be able to vote for the ticket he’s on.

  3. Senator Joe Biden proudly proclaims that he was regularly and severely beaten by his older sister as a child and as an adolescent. This is the same sister that raised his two sons after his wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident.

    Biden has often claimed that the Violence against Women Act is the greatest achievement of his career. He also claims that a woman cannot be a perpetrator of domestic violence, despite the fact that hundreds of studies show that women commit acts of domestic violence as often or more often than men. Many studies also show that lesbian women physically attack their intimate partners at higher rates than heterosexual men.

    As a result of Biden’s Violence against Women Act, the federal government pays states to create laws effectively requiring that innocent men be removed from their homes and families without even an allegation of violence, with no legitimate standards of evidence, when a woman makes a claim that she is afraid.

    Elaine Epstein, president of the Massachusetts Bar Association (1999), has said “the facts have become irrelevant… restraining orders are granted to virtually all who apply. Regarding divorce cases, she states “allegations of abuse are now used for tactical advantage”. According to Epstein, who is also a former president of the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association, restraining orders are doled out “like candy” and “in virtually all cases, no notice, meaningful hearing, or impartial weighing of evidence is to be had.” Cathy Young reports on the Elaine Epstein quote and the broader issue at here:

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