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too young to vote, a lot to say

too young to vote, a lot to say

So Kristin and I were talking it over, since we know who the presumed candidate is, why do conventions really matter, is it a multimillion dollar party pep rally or is real work being done?

It seems like a bit of both. Above all it is hoped that the conventions will form a national conversation or several discourses on the state of our country and how to move forward. In theory, these agendas were first set through neighborhood meetings, people coming together in living rooms talking about what concerned them the most. As these priorities move to the county and state meetings an agenda is formed. Well, this is my naïve perspective of how things could work. We know there is already a platform and at our neighborhood caucuses we choose which of the ideas we wish to embrace or modify. By the time the convention rolls around the positions are set and the party is ready to make announcements to the country and celebrate the work done thus far.

So if the wheels are already in motion, is important to follow the convention and is it possible for us to participate in the process? Absolutely, and YES. The networks, saturated with post Olympic fatigue syndrome will give the convention titular coverage, hit the highlights, waiting for a gaffe and pretty much stick to the script. Traditional news outlets will give in depth coverage but for those of us who engage the internet, this is truly our moment.

This, like every other every other election which succeeds it, “will be the most internet savvy election ever.” And it’s true, especially when looking at how the the Obama campaign , Move On.Org and Truth Out have mobilized voters, volunteers and money in new and creative ways. Just as significant to this new environment is the role of bloggers and readers like ourselves. We can look deeper into situations and stories than a traditional media outlet will afford space, reporting with our own personal perspective. Sure, as bloggers we’re biased, but at least we’re up front about it, not instead claiming “we report, you decide” with a conspiratorial wink. This week, the bloggers themselves will be making the headlines, as traditonal news will be looking for the “internet spin” putting us under the microscope, taking our temperature to see what we have to say about the convention. If there was ever a time to write a political post, it’s now!

If you’re looking to follow the convention a great place to start is with the convention’s official site , where they will also have a Spanish simulcast, smart move! Several blog services will be offering aggregates of popular blogs, where a number of heavy hitters can be followed simultaneously including Rootswire and the mainstay Huffington Post.

Now, MOMocrats is included on Huffington Post feeds but it deserves a mention of its own — they have a bunch of amazingly talented, well-connected, stylish and wickedly funny women on the ground in Denver and are providing the best, wish-you-were-here coverage that can be found.  

For the kids, I’d recommend checking out Scholastic books blog . I’m assuming it’s going to be very impartial, and kid written, which is a great way to engage and affirm the young patriots at your house.

The convention blog is offering a spot for folks to upload their own video questions for attending politicians, which may be addressed live, here’s a link… I’m wondering how many of the posts will really get attention. In that vein, I’d offer a similar approach which in light of the current political spotlight, should get some traction…. If there is an issue you’re feeling really ought to be addressed right now, make a short youtube clip, send the link to your favorite politicians who are in Denver this week, make sure to cc your local media outlets and Denver press… sit back and wait… send us a copy!




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