A Study in Patronization — A Quick Education On Sarah Palin

I was sure that it was going to be Tim Pawlenty for vice president — a friend called me this morning to say that John McCain picked Sarah Palin just to bug me — it wouldn’t be the first time.

Well, how entirely patronizing. After his ads in which he portrayed Hillary Clinton as a victim for not being picked as vice president, he goes and picks an inexperienced, anti-abortion, anti-environment woman as if we couldn’t tell the difference. Does John McCain believe that women are so shallow that we will be in favor of anybody in a dress (or a pantsuit)?

So, who is Sarah Palin? Well, McCain made a rather odd decision, considering his virulent attacks on Obama’s supposed lack of experience. Palin was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and has far less experience than Barack Obama. Before becoming governor, she was a mayor of a tiny Alaska town, Wasilla. Before that, she was a sportscaster and beauty pageant contestant. Not exactly Obama or Biden’s resume. Other than that, she’s the married mother of five — the last of her children was born just this past year with Down’s Syndrome.

Palin is also currently embroiled in a scandal over the firing of Walter Monegan, the Commissioner of Public Safety. She fired Monegan after his was reluctant to fire Alaska state trooper, Mike Wooten, who was in the middle of an ugly divorce with Palin’s sister. Little bit of a conflict of interest. Also, the person she named to replace Monegan has been cited for sexual harassment — Palin knew this and appointed him anyway.

And where does she stand on the issues? Considering she’s not made much of a name for herself as a leader, we’ll see what we can dig up.

On abortion:

Palin is an avid, no compromises opponent of abortion. Not allowed in the case of rape, incest or for the health of the mother. Her position on it puts her in the extreme far right on issues of a woman’s reproductive rights.

On gay rights:

Palin supported a 1998 state ban on gay marriages, and has been a leading voice against gay rights in the state. Her first veto as governor was on a bill that would have provide benefits for gay and lesbian state employees. Scary monsters.

On Iraq:

Palin is 100% in favor of Bush’s policy in Iraq and would advocate for more of the same.

On the environment:

Despite vast scientific research, Palin asserts that Alaska’s polar bears are not being threatened and that there is no such thing as global warming. She is in favor of drilling ANWR. Her husband works for BP, one of the largest oil companies in Alaska.

 On education:

While Palin supports additional funds for K-12 education, she also supports the teaching of creationism in public schools. Other than that, she hasn’t made much of a name for herself in this area. 

On Health Care:

This is another area where Palin has a scant record. She has stated that deregulation and elimination of waste in insurance companies is the solution to our nation’s health care crisis. Deck chairs — Titanic.

John McCain might be somewhat surprised to realize that we women can tell the difference between a  profoudly experienced, extraordinarily committed and unwavering advocate for women, Hillary Clinton, and an inexperienced neophyte who would set the cause of women’s rights back decades.

Sorry ’bout that, John.


9 Responses

  1. Wow, I didn’t expect this. Things I know about her: Anti-Choice, son in Iraq, took on big oil and lobbyists (but she was a governor), beat an incumbent governor, she is going to go after bitter Hillary supporters.

    Very surprised and need to learn more about her. Still, the economy is still the issue and I don’t she her helping that much in that area.

  2. Oh, but her husband works for big oil and she supports drilling basically anywhere there’s oil.

  3. The stench filled river of lies which gushed from Bush’s mouth for the past eight years clearly demonstrated that he believes the average American is even more of an idiot than he is. This misconception has given him the imagined security to do whatever he pleased. McCain’s choice for vp makes it apparent that he subscribes to the same belief, at least as far as American women are concerned. Palin’s attempt to win over the women of this country is an insult to my wife and my daughter. Whose … to get that job anyway?

  4. Ordinarily I’d be completely behind any woman who can take down a moose, but it’s hardly a qualification to be the second in command to leading a country (unless it was a really small country, like Luxembourg or something).

  5. Sarah Palin knows nothing about the law, nothing about foreign policy, nothing about running a state that must tax its citizens rather than live off huge oil revenues, and nothing about people who are not like herself. If she has ever been exposed to life in another country or learned to think in complex ways, I can see no evidence of it.

    In short, to put a person like this a heartbeat away from the presidency, is lunacy. Does McCain have any judgement? And he chose her after only one personal meeting, and a phone call or two.

    Worst of all, perhaps, her selection shows that McCain is not interested in appealing broadly to the American people, but hopes to win and to rule from the Right.

  6. Does anyone know much about Palin’s educational background? I’d like to know what her grades were like, whether she took any classes relevant to the job she’s seeking now (i.e. economics, political science, history, anthropology, etc.) I’d like to know whether she has enough of an educational background to make any kind of judgment with regard to scientific issues, such as global warming, space exploration, or avoiding world famine.
    I’d also like to know which organizations she belonged to in college and high school. If anyone can answer some of my questions, please do so.

  7. Obama didn’t call Palin a pig, but even if he did, I don’t understand why McCain is offended by that. Pigs are smarter, cuter, more intelligent than, and more likable than pit bulls. If she would prefer to have everyone to think of her as a vicious, ugly, untrustworthy animal wearing lipstick, that’s fine with me, but, personally, I’d prefer a pig over the thing Palin aspires to be.

  8. If Palin becomes our next vice president, there’ s a very realistic chance, given McCain’s age, that she will become president. From her own comments, it appears she believes war is a thing God approves of, and even relishes. So if she does become president, we’ll continue to burden our military beyond its capacity in unnecessary conflicts. The only way to get the number of troops needed to occupy countries around the world, in the name of God and the Oil Companies, would be to bring back the draft. Considering the fact that Palin takes pride in knowing how to use a high powered rifle, I wonder if she feels that our daughters should acquire the same skill by being forced into military service.

  9. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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