Why McCain’s Choice of Sarah Palin Insults Women

Republican women have been in positions of tremendous leadership for decades upon decades. From Nellie Tayloe Ross’s election to the Wyoming governor’s office in 1924 to Gladys Price’s service as the Senator from Georgia in 1938, it’s not like Republican women have been unrepresented. Their strong representation continues.

So this why McCain’s pick for vice president is truly insulting. If he was truly interested in picking a woman who has leadership qualities, experience and a track record that extends farther back than 21 months, here is a list that he should have considered.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson – Senator from Texas

Olene Walker – Governor of Utah

Elizabeth Dole – Senator from North Carolina and Former Secretary of Transportation and Labor

Olympia Snowe – Senator from Maine

Susan Collins – Senator from Maine

Lisa Murkowski – Senator from Alaska

Condolezza Rice – Secretary of State

Christine Todd Whitman – Former Governor of New Jersey, Former Secretary of the Interior

What the choice of Sarah Palin shows is that McCain is comfortable with women only if they don’t match his skill level or experience. Apparently, instead of choosing someone who could be a real partner, a qualified leader, McCain only wants a prop.


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  1. […] Well, some get it. Others just don’t. I can think of negatives for all the women listed here. […]

  2. Kristin,
    Great post.. and a point worth making that should be at the center of discussion. This decision speaks directly to the character of McCain. He is willing to put the country at risk, his own campaign, and his own party, ignoring all those strong and well qualified candidates he might have chosen from Republican women or men, passing them over to appeal to the most extreme wing of his party, a candidate who it would seem has significant personal flaws and is in the throes of an ethics investigation of her own.

    While I am posting and visiting your blog I have to add that I find the ill will and dishonesty that has become so prevalent now at Blue Oregon a bit of a downer. Wondering if there is some forum where some exchange can happen without the troll intrusion and provocation that has become so tiresome. It’s disheartening to me that someone like Jack Roberts visits the site just to provoke people to find propaganda quotes. When he was the Labor Commissioner I had some respect for him.
    Bill R.

  3. Silly. McCain had several reasons to pick her; they’re obvious if you understand his political situation and his political personality.


    McCain picked Palin because:

    1. She’s a game changer, which he needed;
    2. She’s a base-pleaser, which he needed;
    3. She’s a maverick who took on her own party and hates pork, which he is and he does and it causes him to feel an affinity for her and her style;
    4. She has executive experience which was small, but nevertheless is (a.) sufficient by usual vice-presidential standards, and (b.) compares favorably to his opponent and thereby makes his opponent look (as he indeed is) more qualified to be a vice president than a president;
    5. The alternatives were all dull or old, which merely amplified the problems his ticket had *before* picking them.


    Now, the above five items are the reason why McCain thought Palin *might* be a good pick. There is a final reason which caused him to “pull the trigger” and actually do it; actually pick her.

    I doubt McCain realized when he picked her that the conservative base would be so energized that they’d talk openly about flipping the ticket. (Fortunately for him, it’s not an option at this point!)

    But most of his base were talking about staying home — as they did in 2006, producing a Democrat win — because they thought he (like the 2006 GOP Congress) didn’t like them and didn’t give a rip about their conservative priorities.

    So he was going to lose no matter what. If he picked Pawlenty, he’d lose, too. Ditto Romney. Ditto any other same ol’ pol.

    So, with nothing to lose but more losin’, he had no reason not to (and every reason to) do something unexpected with the possibility of a payoff.

    That was his last reason, the analysis which won the argument for him.

    And the gamble worked.

  4. What most individuals who say “Palin has experience” is that the only experience she has is being a bully. As Governor she bullied others into accepting her way – and the “Cleaning” of the house so many of you like to refer to was really removing anyone who disagreed with her point of view. She is not about democracy, she is about her little queendom. Her experience as “one of the little people” is really one of the rich high end middle class. She lives in a mansion and dislikes being around anyone not of her class.

    She was picked because she is so power hunger that she will do what they say. Other women have a mind of their own and would disagree with some of the things they would be asked to do.

    Palin is not qualified, period. When a debate is about ‘will she make it’ and NOT the issues, we have a serious problem.

    We finally get a chance to have a woman in the whitehouse and we get stuck with “Ms. wink wink, gettin my power on” and doing what the big boys tell me to do Palin.

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