For Sarah Palin, Apparently, Cliff Notes are Necessary


I’ll tell you what makes me angry, as a feminist.

Well, part of what makes me angry.

There are over a dozen women that McCain could have chosen for whom the following would not be necessary.

For Sarah Palin, it seems to be required. Not only as a feminist, but also as a historian, I am appalled that the second woman on a presidential ticket will go down as a lightweight, shoring up every last stereotype of a woman leader. From Newsweek:

“The McCain team has hastily assembled a team of former Bush White House aides to tutor the vice-presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, on foreign-policy issues, to write her speeches and to begin preparing her for her all-important Oct. 2 debate against Sen. Joe Biden.

Steve Biegun, who once served as the No. 3 National Security Council official under Condoleezza Rice at the White House, has been hired as chief foreign-policy adviser to the Alaska governor, campaign officials told NEWSWEEK. After taking leave from his job as vice president for international affairs at Ford Motor Co. last Friday, Biegun flew to St. Paul and, together with McCain’s foreign-policy guru Randy Schuenemann, began briefings for Palin on national-security issues-an area where her resume is conspicuously thin.”

Sarah Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton, Condolezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, Elizabeth Dole, Mary Landrieu, Claire McCaskill, (taking a breath), Dianne Feinstein, Susan Collins, or, well, I could go on.

I don’t like all of these women, but they are at least people of substance who don’t need tutors in order to prove themselves competent to run the nation.


One Response

  1. I can’t wait to see Palin get nailed in that debate against Biden. And i am totally with you on the argument that the GOP could have chosen much wiser when they went for a woman. I just hope that most people see that she is not a feminist nor does she care about a feminist agenda, so voting for her for her gender is really just not doing anything.

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