Two Months Out — What We Have To Do

We have less than two months to go before an election that will forever affect our environment, national security, health care and education systems, and the economic health of our nation. And the polls are tied. Yelp. 

It’s time to get to work.

First, we need to give money. If you don’t have much yourself, go to BlueOregon, where I have a post rewarding sleuthy fact-checkers by giving $10 for every Republican lie corrected. If you have some extra green in your wallet, turn it blue by giving it here or here, or to the progressive cause of your choice…it takes a village to take back a country.

Second, we need to make sure all of our friends and family members are registered to vote. You can even register to vote without a carbon footprint by going here. The voter registration deadline in Oregon is October 14. Not an Oregonian? Go here to find out when your deadline is.

Third, we need to educate ourselves and our communities. The supremely fabulous CityMama at MOMocrats posted a series of articles comparing the stances of Obama and McCain. While other posts are going up fast at MOMocrats, you can find them under those posted on September 5. The articles are concise and clear — go and start reading them.

Third, we need to do whatever we can to help the local campaign. The Obama office in Oregon is full of kind and cheerful people who will be happy to fit you with your volunteer job of your choice.

Fourth, we need to be visible. Walk through the mall with an Obama shirt on. Wear a button to your child’s back to school night. Put a bumpersticker on your car or bike. If you need merch, go here.

Finally, we need to keep ourselves inspired. Need a lot of inspiration? Settle in for Obama’s Convention speech.

Need just a little? Here’s the now-famous video…stil makes me cry…

Let’s make it happen — eyes on the prize.


One Response

  1. Kristin, this was just what I needed this morning! Thanks!

    I’m terribly afraid that it will come down again to legal battles about voting in key states, but we have to do what we can all the same.

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