Republicans Have Nothing Else To Throw At Us

Shawn and I talked at length today and we both confessed to a shaky, short-tempered mood. While we can perhaps chalk it up to other factors in our life (oh, YEAH, we ARE mothers of small children – hello?), we decided that, in reality, we had poll-itis. We were absolutely, totally horrified that, as a nation, we might just elect a bunch of idiots AGAIN.

I’ve convinced myself, though, that the worst of it is over, that it’s not going to happen. Why? Let’s review…

  1. Sarah Palin is all that they’ve got. Her bubble has reached its limit, and given her shockingly pathetic knowledge of foreign policy evident in the recent ABC interview, the bubble can’t grow any more. It might be ready to pop.
  2. The Republicans have gotten nasty, they’ve lied, they’ve scapegoated and Swiftboated. And they’re essentially tied with Obama. They don’t have anything else in their holster.
  3. Obama still has the edge in the Electoral College. Now, I’m one of those pathetic people who could go into detail about the combination of states that Obama will most likely win (either Minnesota + New Hampshire + Colorado or Minnesota + Ohio, if you were asking). McCain, despite the national polls, is still behind in many state polls and will most likely not win the key combination of states to win.
  4. Obama is going on the offensive. Kerry didn’t. Gore didn’t. Dukakis didn’t. Clinton DID. Now…lessee, who was the two term president? Obama has, perhaps a little late, learned that you can’t let lies go unchallenged. Hopefully, it will be in time.
  5. The Obama campaign has done what the Kerry and Gore campaign didn’t – they’ve poured themselves into the ground campaign. What does that mean? Well, for example, there are 600,000 registered African American voters in Florida who didn’t vote in 2004 – the Obama campaign is going door-to-blessed-door to ensure that they do vote in 2008. Considering that Kerry lost Florida by a little over 400,000 in 2004, efforts like these might make a significant difference. Another example is in voter registration — In Oregon, there are 130,000 new Democrats and 30,000, approximately, lost Republicans.

Perhaps these are hopeful musings of a political addict. Perhaps they are the dreams of a mother who, while Obama was far ahead, taught her older son the ins-and-outs of the Electoral College map and who now has to tell him, nightly, what the polls in Ohio are doing. I’m hoping they are the pragmatic thoughts of a woman who has been through a few of these elections and believes, deeply and rightly, in her candidate.

We shall see.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks.

    I’ve been all short-tempered & shaky for the last 3 weeks, too. I needed that reality check.

  2. & I forgot. I’m in Florida & registered as an independent. Just to make you feel better.

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