Hey Bill! May I Remind You That You’re A Democrat?

Dear President Clinton, Sir,

I know you may be quite bitter that Hillary lost the race. I know I would be, particularly if I had perhaps forsaken the chance at a substantial legacy in order to “have relations” (your words) in Oval Office. You worked really hard during her campaign, and while you made some significant gaffes, you probably felt like you both deserved a win. You probably also see how hard the loss has been on Hillary and, even though you’ve been a lech, I’m sure you want the best for her.

But please, sir, despite your possible bitterness, can I remind you at this point that you are still a leader in the Democratic Party? Given that, I’m left puzzled at your recent embrace of our arch-enemy, Senator McCreaky.

After McCain cancelled his appearance at the presidential debates in Mississippi, you stated that you thought he did so in “good faith.” You later said, “I remember he asked for more debates to go all around the country and so I don’t think we ought to overly parse that.” You then essentially called him a leader in fighting global climate change.

You’re not being paid by the Republicans, are you? Please tell me you aren’t. Also, please tell me you aren’t losing your marbles completely. I’m still soft for you in a way — you’re like a dysfunctional father who occasionally reminds us why mom married you.

Perhaps you think that Obama is stealing what had been your place in politics – the young, dynamic leader attempting to vanquish the failed, aged politics of the past. Perhaps you don’t realize that the only chance for you to remain relevant in politics today is through the success of the Democratic Party. If Democrats are successful, you get to be the elder statesman of a vital political operation. If we are not, you get to be remembered as the guy who blew it (no pun intended) for the rest of us.

So, please do us all a favor and either 1) shut the hell up or 2) play the game you know so well. What is it going to be?


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