What John McCain Has Become

Now Senator McCain has decided he will join the debates. Perhaps he’s faced his fears.  Perhaps he decided not to be such a chicken.

Considering that he appeared to be terrified to debate one of the most erudite, intelligent, charismatic, and thoughful presidential candidates in history, maybe we can’t blame the guy. Or maybe the debates were simply going to keep him up past his bedtime.

Unlike Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who campaigned during World War II, or Harry S. Truman, who ran for the president in the middle of the Cold War, or, uh, lessee, Lyndon B. Johnson, who campaigned while the country was still mourning JFK and was embroiled in civil rights struggles, or even the idiotic George W. Bush, who ran for president during the Iraq War, McCain showed us he can’t be bothered.

McCain’s will-he-or-won’t-he drama is even more pathetic when we look at his attendence record — his is the WORST in the Senate. He’s even worse than South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson’s, who was in a COMA for a number of months. All of a sudden, he remembered that he’s a Senator? That he has responsibilities?

It’s OK, Senator McCain. You don’t have to run for the presidency. You can go home, get your slippers on and go to bed early. I really won’t mind. You can leave it to Barack Obama to do the hard work.

Besides, come November 5, you’ll probably look more like a cooked goose anyway.


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