Power to the People

Shawn and I gathered, with children, husbands and mint juleps (University of Mississippi, you know), to watch the debate. We were looking for a knock-out punch that never came, but I think what we got instead was a hearty, satisfying meal to digest.

We got one candidate who used astute reasoning to communicate complex ideas, someone who has put his faith in the American people to choose peace, compassion and intelligent solutions to intractable problems.

And we got another who was snarky, derisive, patronizing and who came across as just flat out grumpy. McCain apparently has quite a few frequent flyer miles (“I’ve been here, I’ve been there”), but little understanding of how to create an effective policy or thoughtful solutions.

We all had our favorite lines from Obama, but I think the best quote came today from our beloved candidate.

“The truth is, through 90 minutes of the debate, John McCain had a lot to say about me. But he had nothing to say about you.”

We’re going to win this thing. Obama will be our president. It’s going to happen. And watch…this is what we’re going to have (it’s the new one!)



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