This is a Family Blog

This is a family blog, otherwise I’d be writing a string of uh, words, that may not be appropriate for all. The rallies. The racism. The hatred. The pure evil that the McCain/Palin campaign has become. And tonight, McCain hit a new low — he said he’d “whip” Obama in Wednesday’s debate. Yeah. Nice choice of words. Any horrifying history coming to mind?

As a recent New York Times editorial suggested, “The McCain campaign has crossed the line between tough negative campaigning and inciting vigilantism, and each day the mob howls louder.”

The good news is that the mob isn’t big enough to swing the election against us. Just scare the beejeezus out of us.

The only other good news is that the more McCain rants, the more he messes this thing up. The polls are going more and more towards Obama. John McCain opens his mouth, and we all run.

Want an example? Sure — here you go.


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  1. K, followed you here from Cesca. I was at lunch so no time then, but if you’re looking for something to do in H-ville political, I would suggest GOTV- NC has early voting/same-day registration starting 10/16 which is relatively new I think. Some people may think they’ve missed the deadline to register.

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