Yes, and Green is Red, too. Vote NO on Measure 64.

The Republicans and those on the Right have always been incredibly good and turning and twisting words to make everything sound better. Global warming became climate change. Homophobia and sexism became family values. For those things they hate, they twist words just as well (think partial birth abortion.)

Now, in Oregon, Bill Sizemore has done it again, this time, in support of Measure 64.

Let’s chat about how this works. There are a number of organizations, including the Oregon Food Bank, the United Way, the Black United Fund of Oregon, and my former employer, the Equity Foundation, who give their donors the option of getting a contribution to the group deducted from their paycheck. These donations are entirely and completely voluntary – what it amounts to is simply a convenient way to give. No stamps or check writing…just a quick form at the beginning of the year.

Measure 64 would ban this.

It would ban something else. Every year, some of these groups set up tables to educate employees about their options. They hand out balloons, stickers, etc. It’s a friendly way to educate folks about ways they can give. Nope, says Bill Sizemore. Somehow this is a threat to our way of life. Yikes! Balloons! Scary.

Now, instead of calling this what it really is – an attempt to limit funding for organizations doing good, Bill Sizemore is calling Measure 64 a campaign finance bill. Uh, right.

Please vote NO on Measure 64. It’s a ruse.


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