Paid Family Leave — Are you feeling sandwiched?

sandwichSandwiched…squished. Pressed between two things. Perhaps more than two things. Sound familiar? For women today, we can feel pressured by the need to take care of our children, of our aging parents, and God forbid, other members of our family.

Finally, the Oregon State legislature may just help. It is considering legislation that will provide $300 a week for up to six weeks if you need to care for your children, parents, spouse or any member of your family.

This week, you have a unique chance to make a difference, and help pass a law that may actually have a huge impact upon your lives. Wednesday, April 8, the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development Committee will be holding a hearing, and they need to hear from you! You can either go to Salem (meet at 2:30 on the capitol steps) or call your legislator.

In the meantime, go here for more info. And watch one of the great videos that the Time to Care for Oregon coalition has produced…


One Response

  1. That isn’t much but it would be enough to relief a little pressure. I know that many people are taking care of their parents and their children. Someday I expect to be one.

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