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So we’re off this morning for our eat pie fill out our ballot election moment.  It is such a great tradition and I think this morning a mimosa is probably in order too.  Bo and I have been reviewing the initiatives. It’s a given that anything Bill Sizemore sleazed onto the ballot should be disregarded, but the others needed further consideration.  I’ve mentioned it before but here’s the link again to Ballotpedia, a non-partisan wiki which has information on all the issues with handy hyerlinks, newspaper references, endorsments and compendium of published materials, genius!  From their site…

Ballotpedia is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia. It focuses on ballots, ballot measures, ballot access for initiatives and candidates, petition drives, the supporters and opponents of initiatives and, in general, all things ballot.

“Ballotpedia is a wiki, which means that anyone–including you right now–can edit any article by clicking on the “edit this page” link that appears on every article on Ballotpedia. By helping to edit, add information, any fix any mistakes you see, the quality and depth of the information steadily improves and grows over time.

The Sam Adams Alliance became Ballotpedia’s sponsor in March 2008, sponsoring two paid editors and underwriting the server space and other expenses. Ballotpedia was originally sponsored by the Citizens in Charge Foundation. The project commenced on May 30, 2007. As of March 15, 2008, Ballotpedia had 4,030 pages and 238 registered users.”


Bryan Collier at the Central Library

Uptown by Bryan Collier

Uptown by Bryan Collier

Multnomah County Library puts on some great programs for kids, we feel very fortunate to have access to such dynamic library services.  This Thursday, chidren’s book illustrator Bryan Collier will speak at the Central Library followed by a book signing.  Bryan’s art is a lush combination of paint and collage which captures not just his subject, but the moods of moment.  His illustrations for Rosa, a biography of Rosa Parks, and Martin’s Big Words, about Dr. Martin Luther King, were both given a Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Award.

Bryan spends a great deal of his time working with children and young artists and was the director of the  Harlem Horizon Art Studio for twelve years.  In interviews he seems as encouraging for his audience as he is passionate about his subject matter. In an interview with Reading Rockets, Collier said,

“1992 and 1993, I would go to the bookstores in the children’s books section, and I never really saw books that looked like me. And this sort of set me on the quest of wanting to illustrate and tell stories and do stories that sort of sounded and felt like me, where I would paint people of color, mainly, and sort of tell our stories. And there’re so many wonderful and diverse ways to do that, and I just think that that’ll be wonderful as an artist, to sort of use your artwork to sort of do something like that.”

He has a new book which he’s illustrated, which is a biography of Barack Obama.  I’ll let the kids each pick out a book to get signed, the Obama book will be for me.  For more information about his Thursday talk and exhibit which runs through November 6th, check out the library’s website here…

Yes on 26-94

Today, like a number of other organizations in Portland, we’re urging you to vote YES on measure 26-94, also known as the Portland Children’s Levy.  Every five years Portlanders have the opportunity to approve funding which goes to local early childhood education, programs in child abuse prevention and intervention, and services for children in foster care.  The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Portand Tribune and Portland Mercury have all endoresed the levy as well as dozens of other businesses and individuals. By supporting the levy we are ensuring a healty community which is proactive in the lives of our young children.

In it’s endorsement, the Portland Tribune writes,

“This proposal, referred to voters by the Portland City Council, deserves support for two reasons: It’s a program that already exists – and it’s a program that works to improve the lives of Portland’s neediest children.

The success of the Children’s Investment Fund has been based on its partnership with nonprofit agencies. This isn’t a case of government creating new programs or bureaucracies. The funding – aimed at early childhood education, preventing child abuse and providing after-school options – is directed toward nonprofit groups that are skilled at providing such services.

Among the dozens of recipients of Children’s Investment Fund dollars are such groups as Albina Head Start, Morrison Child and Family Services, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Friends of the Children. Due to these investments, children are receiving the help they need to be ready to start kindergarten. They are getting tutoring, and they are being assigned to mentors. Their health is being monitored and they receive therapy for abuse.

In the time since the investment fund was created following the November 2002 election, the project has been evaluated by objective researchers, including a comprehensive 2005 study by Portland State University. The evaluators found that the 16,000 mostly low-income children being helped by the fund are hitting key benchmarks and that their prospects are being improved.”

At best we can remember that the children who will benefit by your vote are individuals who are too young to advocate for themselves.  They are our future and our now and today they’ve asked for our help.

Make sure to fill out your ballot completely, this is the last item and on the back side.  For more information about the Children’s Levy please see their website  http://www.childrenslevy.com.

Get Up, Stand Up

Seriously. If you think it’s over, let me just say, it’s not. We’ve got perhaps the sneakiest, slimiest opponents in history and while we’re ahead in the polls, they’ve got voter fraud, Diebold, deceptive robocalls and creepy campaign tactics still up their sleeves.

As Obama said yesterday, “For those of you who are feeling giddy or cocky or think this is all set, I just have two words for you: New Hampshire. I’ve been in these positions before, when we were favored and the press starts getting carried away and we end up getting spanked.” Of course, he’s referring to his primary loss in New Hampshire, where the polls had him up by 15 points the day before the vote, yet he lost to Senator Hillary Clinton.

We have less than three weeks to go. What do you have in you? Even if you are convinced that he’s going to win in your area, he needs a Congress that will work with him, as well as state legislators and governors who won’t try to undo whatever federal action they don’t like.

Tomorrow, I’m off to North Carolina, where my family and I will be taking a break from our break to knock on doors and do whatever we can to make sure Kay Hagen and Barack Obama win there. Where ever you are, please, please, please, do whatever you can.

Before you go, enjoy the video below. Won’t it be great to say that you played a role getting this man elected to the presidency?

This is a Family Blog

This is a family blog, otherwise I’d be writing a string of uh, words, that may not be appropriate for all. The rallies. The racism. The hatred. The pure evil that the McCain/Palin campaign has become. And tonight, McCain hit a new low — he said he’d “whip” Obama in Wednesday’s debate. Yeah. Nice choice of words. Any horrifying history coming to mind?

As a recent New York Times editorial suggested, “The McCain campaign has crossed the line between tough negative campaigning and inciting vigilantism, and each day the mob howls louder.”

The good news is that the mob isn’t big enough to swing the election against us. Just scare the beejeezus out of us.

The only other good news is that the more McCain rants, the more he messes this thing up. The polls are going more and more towards Obama. John McCain opens his mouth, and we all run.

Want an example? Sure — here you go.

Is It Over?

As of today, Pollster.com is assuming that Barack Obama will win 320 electoral college votes, including those from the states of Ohio and Florida. Obama is hovering around the 70’s in the Intrade Prediction Market. He is ahead in every national poll and has been for weeks now. With every debate, Obama’s chances only go up.

The Republicans have tried to trot out the slime — William Ayers, “he’ll fine you,” and other such lies and nastiness — but it has not had any effect (except perhaps to help Obama).

Democratic voter registration in every state has shot up to historic levels and the Obama ground campaign continues to astound even the most jaded of politicos. Obama has enough money to run campaigns in states that should be safe for McCain (Montana, Nebraska), thus keeping McCain on the defensive, limiting his impact in many of the battleground states.

Many people I talk to have predicted that even if there was a significant “October Surprise” (finding Osama bin Laden, a terrorist attack) that most voters will either see through it or continue to trend towards Obama in search of a steady hand.

More and more information is coming out about Sarah Palin and considering that her inclusion on the ticket was the only reason the polls very briefly went McCain’s way, her falling approval ratings (hovering around 40%) show that their supposedly best asset is becoming a huge liability.

And then there is the economic crisis. Perhaps Republicans thought that once the bail-out vote happened, we’d all forget how completely George W. Bush has destroyed our financial future. We’re not forgetting…we are still struggling with bills, gas prices and are disgusted with the continuing greed on Wall Street.

So, given all of that, I’m not sure what it could possibly take for Obama to lose. While some analysts have suggested that American’s won’t vote their racial prejudice, I’m thinking that many, many will. Despite this, will this be enough to threaten Obama’s chances, considering how many trends are going his way?

Is it over?

MamaKristin and Shawn are LiveBlogging!

UPDATE: Shawn will now be a panelist for MOMocrats. You’re just going have to go back and forth.

MamaKristin is going to be liveblogging the Tuesday, October 7th presidential debate on BlueOregon. Maybe even be on TV (Koin, channel 6). I can’t wait to watch another installment in the Obama/McCain smackdown. I’m rooting for the smart one, btw.

Check it out… laugh…comment (nicely). Shawn will be IMing me over Facebook (whatever wit I include will most likely be from her.) Join us!!