Oh NO! Not Gay Marriage!

Really. Everybody needs to chill. The world will not end if people who love each other continue to gasp, love each other with tax benefits and some cake. Really.

Thanks to Bob Cesca for the image.



The Root of All Marriage Problems

My husband and I are getting to a certain age where some of our friends are starting to have some pretty significant relationship issues. I’ve been chalking it up to the usual suspects — bad communication, unresolved childhood issues, too much family stress and financial pressure, and the winner — one person just being a profound idiot.

Now, I’ve come to realize that I’m completely wrong about all of that. The reason some of our friend’s relationships are strained right now? It’s the gays. Yep. They’ve selfishly destroyed the institution of marriage and now, our friends are paying the price. Just take a look. Beware. And thanks to Douglas K. at BlueOregon for first showing this video off.